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Legal sprint: The number 1 platform for all legal cases in your company:

Legal advice
Court cases
Debt collection
Legal Staffing & Interim solutions
You are looking for legal advice, want to write a contract, have a question about a court case, or are looking for legal personnel. Where do you start looking for a lawyer?
Legal Sprint can help you: Instantly hire a lawyer for your company.
Ask us your legal question right away. We wil instantly tell you how we can help and will find the right lawyer for you. Our services to find the right lawyer are free of charge for your company. 
One hourly rate. We have negotiated a sharp hourly rate with over 100 experienced lawyers. All of our lawyers are obligated to work for the same hourly rate. 
Legal Sprint: 100+ experienced lawyers. One hourly rate.
Legal advice
Our experienced lawyers can advise you on every branch of the law your company deals with.
Have your contract written or proofread by our lawyers. Also for your international contracts, call for bids and contract negotiations.
Court cases
Bring a dismissal case to court, received a summons, or start a court case? We will also be ready for you in front of the judge.
Debt collection
Is your client not paying? Bring in our lawyers to collect the invoice in a customer friendly way.
Legal Staffing
Do you have a job opening for a lawyer? Or do you want to involve an interim-lawyer with your company or law firm? Call our experienced consultants for the possibilities.
More than 100 lawyers
We bring you into contact with the specialist who can help you with your query. We are connected with more than 100 very experienced lawyers, so we can always involve the right expert in your legal query.
One clear rate
We have negotiated one sharp hourly rate with all our lawyers: All Legal Sprint lawyers work for a sharp rate of 145,- excl. VAT per hour.
Very severe selection and high quality
A Legal Sprint lawyer needs to comply to a few high standards. To start, we only work with very experienced lawyers who have experience in advising companies. The quality of our lawyers and the work activities are strongly guarded. Furthermore, our lawyers start a case within 24 hours. Guaranteed.
Legal Sprint is the number 1 legal platform for all your legal queries. Started from the thought of making the involvement of the right lawyer for your company more efficient than was the case so far. 
Legal Sprint - Lawyers on Demand

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