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Get 3 months free legal support for your Dutch Startup or Scale up: Apply now - 10 spots available

12 Jun 2017

Limited offer - 10 spots available for free legal support. Apply before July 1st. 


As a legal startup ourselves, we at Legal Sprint believe that together we can grow stronger.


We know about all the legal challenges a startup/scale up has to face, but it can be hard to find the right lawyer to handle them. So we were thinking about how we could reach out in order to assist you with your legal matters and came up with the following plan: 


We will make one of our senior lawyers available to assist your startup by phone for 3 months - For free. 


So, after your applications is approved, you can always directly call our senior lawyer on a dedicated phone number to discuss your legal questions. This service is free of charge but of course limited to fair use and to questions that can be answered by phone.


What's in it for us? For us we can learn from the questions you ask so we can further tailor our services to the legal needs of startups. And of course, if you require a more in-depth legal advise we hope you will let us make an offer for it. But mostly, we truly believe that we can build stronger startups by learning from each other. 


We think that in order to benefit from this offer your startup should have some substance and should have legal questions on a more or less regular basis. It would be great if in return we could in some way benefit from the expertise your startup is offering. 


We are offering this service for three months and for a limited number of 10 startups/scale ups. So, if you want to join apply now- application closes on July 1st.


Click here to apply now > 


Depending on the number of applicants we will make a selection based on who we think will benefit most from our assistance. We will try to make this selection within two weeks from closing date. 


We are looking forward to start working together!


Legal Sprint - Lawyers on Demand.

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